Meet the jury

Industry experts from around the globe will use their wealth of experience to narrow down the field, picking the most beautiful, technically challenging or otherwise most impressive wraps to move on in each round of the challenge.

Elite installers, technical specialists and wrap industry professionals will select regional ,continental and global Wrap Kings and Queens.


Ash Ellison

Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer & Director at Wrapped UK

Meet Ash Allison from Burnley, England. Going into the graphics industry right after school, now 18 years ago, he comes with a wealth of experience and expertise. For 5 years, Ash is part of the Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer team, while managing the day-to-day operations at his own company – Wrapped UK. From overseeing staff to working on various car wrapping projects.

With a background in art and design, Ash thrives on the challenge of transforming ordinary vehicles into captivating works of art.“ The creativity & intricacy of wrapping is what I love the most! I love turning a boring white vehicle into a real head turner! For job satisfaction, there’s nothing like it!” He is looking forward to seeing all the different works from all over the world

Martina Rossi

Technical Sales Support -Southern Region Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions EMENA

Introducing Martina, our specialist in technical support for the Southern Region at Avery Dennison. With a background in chemistry and mathematics, Martina entered the graphics industry in 2014, specializing in R&D for graphics and industrial applications. 

Since joining Avery Dennison in June 2022, she’s been dedicated to driving innovation and excellence. Martina’s role is dynamic and diverse. From taking care of workshops and collaborating on projects to certifying installers and converters, she’s always on the move, bringing her expertise to every interaction. 

“I like the creativity part, basically you can personalize a standard car to a unique one. Also I like looking for application details.”


Leon Watson

Chief Go To Market Officer at Spandex Group 

Meet Leon Watson, the Chief Go-To-Market Officer at Spandex Group, bringing over three decades of experience in the graphics industry. Based in the UK, Leon oversees global market activities while shaping the market strategy for Spandex.

With a decade-long experience as General Manager of Spandex’s UK business,Leon has witnessed the industry’s remarkable evolution, from the early days of wrapping cars to today’s innovative products. 

Leon’s favorite Avery Dennison material? Our Conform Chrome Series, renowned for its stunning impact and enduring appeal. “I remember seeing a picture on the front cover of the Times newspaper of a gold wrapped Lamborghini on a street in London.  Still looks stunning today!”

David Ye

Founder DC Town

David Ye is the founder and head of DC Town, a luxury automobile service brand based in Shanghai,China. His company pioneered the concept of personalized car wrapping design in China, designing exclusive personalized wraps for many top level car brands to participate in various auto shows, competitions and events in China. His team has also designed and wrapped cars exclusively for various and diverse racing series. As a former Wrap Like a King participant and winner, David Ye is very much looking forward to the Wrap Like Royalty 2024 competition. Which promotes the continued development of car wrapping in China and around the world.


Justin Pate

Professional Installer/Instructor

Justin Pate is the North American Avery Dennison certified installer/instructor with over 25 years experience working both in the U.S. and in Europe and also the CEO of The Wrap Institute. Based is Justin, according to his own words, on some seat of Delta Airlines as he combines training applicators the art of Wrapping in the United States, his office work in his hometown Amsterdam and the practical Wrap Institute work like filming, building the learning platform and more at the Center in Munich. When asked about what Justin likes most about Wrapping he says, “The wrap industry is very dynamic on so many levels plus it’s constantly evolving.  This makes it very exciting to be part of, especially if you like physical work that also requires a lot of creative, problem solving thinking.”

Tiago Teixeira

Co-Founder and CEO of xix3D.

With 12 years of experience in the Wrapping industry, Tiago from Canada spends his days between today and the future. Next to setting up and organizing the day to day business he is looking ahead to set the vision of the organization. Tiago loves that the barrier to start with wrapping is low for people to get involved but the mastery of the craft is incredibly difficult.

He says, “Most of all, my favorite part of wrapping a car is providing that brand new car experience that is even more special because of how the customer was able to personalize it for themselves”. Thiago’s favorite material and color is the Supreme Wrapping Film Satin Black. 

In his opinion the cleanest looking wrap for many many cars.



Avery Dennison Senior Technical Specialist, USA

Molly Waters is a senior technical specialist for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America. Molly started to work with Avery Dennison in 1997, when car wrapping was still in its infancy, and since then has had the opportunity to see the evolution of digital and wrap film technology. Her job is a variety of many different things like answering customer questions, working on the development of new products and working with printing OEMs . Asked what she likes the most in the industry Molly says, “I like that every day is different.  I also enjoy getting out and working with our customers.” She also frequently contributes to the Avery Dennison blog, posting about the right tool for the job, and which film works best for specific applications.


Technical Marketing Manager South Africa

Sarel joined the signage industry in 1995 as an equipment supplier. His experience ranges from equipment and software, into the manufacturing of signage and graphics and ultimately the supplying of material.

He joined Avery Dennison in 2011 and expanded his knowledge and experience into the dynamic world of vehicle wrapping. Part of his portfolio is the training of applicators, sales staff and business owners, at the local Avery Dennison Knowledge Centre. Sarel is also responsible for the introducton and advice for materials to be used within the industry and for specific applications. Sarel loves a challenge!

“I am looking forward to being part of this amazing competition. Corners, coners, and corners will be the focus for me, ultimately adding the biggest wow factor for the complete wrap. Good luck to all.”



Avery Dennison Technical Marketing Manager, Australia/New Zealand

Peter Wright has been in the digital print industry since 1996, witnessing the evolution of digital print technology and the use of speciality films designed for vehicle wrapping. He has been at Avery Dennison for nine years, working with some of the industry’s leading installers in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, including renowned wrap instructor, Justin Pate. Together, they recently completed the third tour of workshops across Australia and New Zealand. With strong expertise in leading vehicle wrapping workshops, Peter has trained more than 2,000 people from Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the entrants of this year’s Wrap Like A King push the boundaries of creativity with the use of abstract designs and trending colours to transform the look of the vehicles. I’ll be looking closely at the workmanship and detail that has been put into the projects while maintaining a high level of quality” Wright said.