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Wicked Split

About this project

This design was born out of indecision; should this Maserati’s design be loud and in your face or more subdued and subtle? The Wicked Wraps team “split” the difference and created a side-to-back-to-side-to-front “split” design with half of the wrap featuring a custom triangle tessellation pattern that breaks apart into a geometric abstract design and then flips back as it wraps around the vehicle. Keeping artistic elements such as straight lines from distorting or curving during install is always a challenge, however, the most difficult part of this project was getting the artwork to line up and connect between body panels such as hood to fender. We opted for a “luster” aka satin finish (DOL 1370Z) on the wrap since it’s a perfect “split” between glossy and matte finishes. Also featuring Avery Supreme Wrap Film gloss black accents throughout, including complete chrome delete and roof wrap to insure the factory paint is fully protected.

Products used

MPI 1105, DOL 1370Z, Supreme Wrap Film Gloss Black

Project location