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VW Kombi Wrap

About this project

This classic VW Kombi arrived in a ‘multicolour’ mix of various colours. The body was in good condition but as you can see the multicolour panels did not!

We chose a retro pastel shade of “Gloss Sea Breeze Blue” to fully wrap the body head to toe. Being an older vehicle it was extremely slow and time consuming as there were many exposed bolts, hinges and screws which needed to be expertly trimmed around.

We put a lot of extra detailed effort to ensure the blue covered all areas and highlight bolts/trim that we couldn’t wrap in matte black Plastidip to ensure the vehicle essentially looked resprayed.

Additional detail was undertaken with the roof wrapped in a chequer board pattern which borrows from the 1960’s vibe. Plus the bumpers were re-sprayed in matte black along with new chrome and black wheels and tyres completing the mega transformation!

Products used

Gloss Sea Breeze Avery SW900-648-O + Avery Dennison SP 1504 PVC Free digital print wrap on ROOF only

Project location

Continent: APAC
Region: APAC Australia and New Zealand
Country/State: Australia