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About this project

We experimented big time on our new Corvette wrap. The colours and effects we wanted just weren’t available off the shelf, so we made some of our own! Starting with Supreme Wrap Gloss Rock Grey, we gave it a Nardo Grey style front, then we experimented with printing over the grey – to seamlessly transition the car into it’s dark comic detailed rear-end and wrapped door jambs. This was no easy-feat as the coloured film had to be thoroughly prepared  to accept the latex ink. We then sealed it in with a clear overlaminate – ensuring there was no colour variation between the bare Rock Grey and the printed and laminated panels. For the main Joker imagery and tagline, we wanted it to be as flashy as we could, but the greens and purples weren’t available, so we took Supreme Wrap’s White Diamond film, prepared it also, and printed custom colours and Joker imagery overtop to get a diamond metallic flake effect, and then topped it with a super glossy laminate finish. Conform Chrome Violet details added further depth and reflection to the graphics which we contrasted with matte and satin body styling. We wanted our own showpiece, one that catered to both ends of our business. Re-colours, and detailed printed wraps, stripes and lines. This Corvette nailed just that, from a stunning grey front that transitions to a wild rear end, we use this as a pallet of inspiration when getting briefs from our customers.

Products used

Supreme Wrapping Film Gloss Rock Grey & White Diamond, Conform Chrome Violet

Project location