About this project

Here it is ! our 2019 Wrap like a king entry. Full Wrap on Lamborghini Aventador including door jams. one week design time, one week installation time. Intent of the project was to emulate the IronSpider Suit design from Avengers Endgame. The base color of the car was white. Hood and Roof were embossed having to register the webbing and the logos with the printer layer. We also including the classic “spiderman” logo embossed on the back of the car. Embossing layer was in Avery SW 900 gloss white. Digital Print layout is Avery SW Diamond White with DOL1360. Photos are meant to showcase quality of installation, additional “glam” shots can be sent 🙂 thanks for taking our application !!! If you need any additional information or images of the car please don’t hesitate to ask. Even regarding the video we wanted to keep it short but we can make a much longer cut with more detail shots if you require.

Products used

SWF Gloss White, SWF Diamond White, DOL 1360z

Project location