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Rusted Stallion

About this project

Project Rusted Stallion started with a good client of ours who was looking for something unique and different. He wanted his Ford Mustang to look as if it had been bolted together with rusted panels to create the illusion of a vehicle that came out of a scrap yard.   We started the design process off with a base metal colour and hand painted in the different levels of rust in Adobe Photoshop. From there we added custom rusted panels and effects, totaling over 20 hours of editing and design work, finally we had completed the design!   We used Avery MPI 1105 to print with DOL 1480Z matte lamination finish to compliment the rusted effect. The results speak for themselves, a highly skilled wrapped vehicle with a complete one of a kind design that will make you look twice when seeing this awesome vehicle on the road – Project Rusted Stallion.

Products used

Avery Dennison MPI 1105 with DOL 1480Z lamination ( Design & application done by Fineline Design & Wrap Vehicles )

Project location