Red Taycan

About this project

A vehicle wrap for a silver Porsche Taycan, transforming it into a striking red Porsche Taycan, showcases the power of color change and high-quality wrapping techniques. The entire exterior of the car is wrapped in a glossy, solid red finish, giving the electric sports car a bold and vibrant new look.

Every detail has been meticulously attended to, including the door jambs and the inner sides of the doors, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive transformation. The glossy red wrap enhances the Taycan’s sleek lines and aerodynamic design, adding a dynamic and sporty flair to its appearance.

This unicolor wrap changes the car’s aesthetic appealk. The result is a flawless, head-turning red Porsche Taycan that stands out on the road, reflecting both luxury and performance with a fresh, eye-catching color.

Products used

Avery Dennison SWF Gloss Red

Project location

Continent: Europe
Region: Europe Central
Country/State: Germany