Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Pinstripe mania on “The Rockzter 2.0”

Pinstripe mania on “The Rockzter 2.0”

About this project

When a former world champion airbrusher brings you a car and says do whatever you want as long as its cool, you kind of have to deliver something out of the box. The car it self is a 2015 Cadillac CTS4 that has been highly modified in both engine, interior and exterior. This including an all new one of a kind set of wheels and full carbon splitter and diffuser kit making the car look really mean. Static and sitting as low to the ground as possible makes it complete. When we received the car it was maroon red with custom airbrushing on the hood and in some other areas. The car has from the beginning of its transformation been well known in the Swedish car scene for its red color so we wanted to make as big of a transformation as possible with this wrap. The goal with the wrap was also to make as much as possible without the use of technology to make an homage to the old school ways of wrapping. A plotter has been used to in the production of the the embossing and the logos but all pinstriping design has been hand cut and layed by hand. No cutting tape has been used either. No design was made up beforehand, all graphics has been ”make up as you go”. We also wanted the car to look symmetrical from front and back but the two sides where to be totally different. We started off by laying all the embossing on the car. On the sides we did a multilayered design with all the sponsors for the build of the car using Avery Dennison 777 gloss black. On the roof we added morse code representing the owners car club. On the trunk we custom made a cadillac emblem with four different materials. Base layer is Avery Dennison 777 and on top Avery Dennison MPI 8726 wall film in three different structures to represent the different colors in the Cadillac logo. We then wrapped the car in Avery Dennison SWF Matte night blue metallic including door jams and inside of trunk and engine bay. The inside of the hood was wrapped in Avery Dennison SWF Diamond Silver. On top of the wrap we then started to customize the design using four different colors of Avery Dennison SWF. Most pin stripes are between 2-4 mm wide but in some areas as thin as 1mm. Graphics for windows and some of the logos where made in Avery Dennison Dusted Glass film. The two NOS bottles in the trunk where also wrapped in a matching design.

Products used

Avery Dennison SWF Matte Night Blue Metallic, Avery Dennison SWF Satin Safari Gold, Avery Dennison SWF Diamond Silver, Avery Dennison SWF Magnetic Burst Metallic, Avery Dennison 777 Gloss Black, Avery Dennison 777 Bright Orange, Avery Dennison MPI 8726 Stone, Avery Dennison MPI 8726 Stucco, Avery Dennison MPI 8726 Canvas, Avery Dennison Dusted Glass

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