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Pimp Vader…is dead

About this project

This twin turbo Huracan has been all over the US from T2k to the bull run in Miami FL to Pikes Peak in CO and we were commissioned by the owner to design something special. Over a steak dinner we discussed ideas and as the night progressed we got to talking about…Star wars! I noticed his vader tattoo on his forearm and he about lept from his seat and said he would love to have a Vader Lambo! Over the next couple days we collaborated ideas and we found a pic of an eighties Vader that was undeniably “the one”. So we went to work hand drawing our rendition of #PimpVader. Countless hours of design work went into this masterpiece. We printed on 1105 ezrs and of course laminated in Avery Matte laminate. We added custom embossing in key areas using the clients family insignia we made to enhance and personalize the finished design even more. Finally we printed Vader and Lord Vader along with other accent pieces with abstract custom printed conform chrome with gloss laminate, and over-laid them onto the matte finish…which really looked stunning in person. We paired his special ordered rims with a custom powder coat pulling colors from our printed chrome palate. To finish this story the client and his good friend AJ were at Brainerd raceway participating in a charity fundraiser at the annual Power Cruise event giving rides in their supercars, when they hit a patch of sand and rolled the car and it exploded. Coy was knocked out as the roof caved in but AJ was intact and went into fight or flight mode and as a US army veteran does he went to fight and pulled Coy from the burning car. Watch the news clip attached to hear the story. Special thanks to Coy and his family for all the special times we’ve shared and the unique wraps we’ve made together that have set the Auto Trimmers team on a higher level. And a special thanks to AJ for saving our friends life and risking his own to do so as his training in the US Armed forces taught him well

Products used

Avery 1105, Avery 1380z, Avery Conform Chrome, Avery 1360, Blood & Sweat, Creativity

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