Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Mini Cooper S – Colour change

Mini Cooper S – Colour change

About this project

The customer’s dream car is a British Racing Green Mini Cooper S. He got the car but not in the right colour. Our team went to work wrapping the car in SWF Dark Gloss Green, not British Racing Green but as close as we could using off the roll film. We wrapped it all except the engine bay and inside the door panels. The door jambs including the rear hatch jamb were also wrapped to have the open door somewhat convincing. We printed new “Mini Cooper Decals” on MPI1105, Laminated with DOL6460 and installed them over the top of the green wrap. To finish the look, we had the wheels painted gloss black to match the (already painted) gloss black roof.

Products used

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film (SWF) Gloss Dark Green, MPI1105, DOL6460, Avery Surface Cleaner, Avery sealant

Project location