Wrap Like Royalty Gallery MAPWRAP- Porsche 911 Turbo S

MAPWRAP- Porsche 911 Turbo S

About this project

I personally designed and wrapped this project from start to finish. Over 100 hours of artwork time, approx 30 hours wrap time, lots of planning, and lots of advanced techniques to get all the graphics to match up. Everything matches up about 95%. This is a map of the 7 major cities on the tour of the Gumball 3000 Rally (Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Porto Montenegro, Venice, Monaco, Barcelona, and Ibiza. It’s made up of about 150+ screenshots of google maps all stitched together, and then I fabricated about half the map to make it all work on the car. This included scaling/moving stuff around, creating coastlines and ferry routes, combing cities together complete with integrated highways, roads, rivers, and checkpoints. Then to top it all of I put the city names with municipality flags and then a final route connecting all 7 stages. On top of that, I had to “pre-skew” some of the graphics so that once applied on the car they appear normal. For the bumpers I printed and applied a grid so that I could literally measure the stretch and changing angles and adapt the artwork as needed to ensure everything registered and looked correct even though the vinyl is skewed! Yes it was difficult and extremely tedious. But just goes to show that you can truly find a way if you have the will power! Thanks for looking and I am hoping to do well this year in the competition as well as complete my Avery Certification and get more involved with the industry. I have absolutely changed my life with this business it is truly amazing how things have evolved and I’m truly grateful that this is even a thing!!! Thanks for your time! -Troy D, Gorilla Mad

Products used

Avery 1105 EZRS, Avery 1370Z laminate, Avery Gloss Orange, Adobe Photoshop

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