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Lamborghini Tricolore

About this project

A vehicle wrap for a Lamborghini, designed by the renowned artist Timo Wuerz, transforms the supercar into a vibrant tribute to Italy with a colorful design inspired by the Italian flag. This artistic wrap elegantly blends the bold green, white, and red colors of the flag, celebrating the car’s heritage with a creative and modern twist.

The design by Timo Wuerz infuses the Lamborghini with an energetic and dynamic aesthetic, seamlessly integrating the national colors into intricate patterns and flowing shapes that enhance the car’s sleek lines and aggressive stance. The green, white, and red elements are interwoven with Wuerz’s signature artistic flair, creating a unique and eye-catching visual experience.

This wrap goes beyond a simple color change, turning the Lamborghini into a moving piece of art. Each curve and contour of the car is adorned with the vibrant design, ensuring that it stands out on the road and showcases its Italian pride in a distinctive manner. The combination of Timo Wuerz’s creativity and the iconic Lamborghini silhouette results in a stunning masterpiece that exudes both artistic expression and automotive excellence.

Products used

Avery Dennison MPI™ 1105+DOL 1460

Project location

Continent: Europe
Region: Europe Central
Country/State: Germany