Wrap Like Royalty Gallery In Wrap We Trust!

In Wrap We Trust!

About this project

We are very blessed to truly be living the “American Dream”. We have a career doing what we love and where we are able to flex our creativity and talents. Like many overly busy business owners though, our “own stuff waits until last”. The shop truck and trailer were quite outdated, as well as mismatched. The main driving factor in the project was that our talents, design skills and most importantly, our installation skills, have far surpassed what we had showcased on our own vehicles. We decided to take everything up a notch and show our customer base what we are truly capable of. Following the theme of the “American Dream”, we wrapped every surface we could with Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EZRS. The main body of the truck and trailer were wrapped with MPI 1105 paired with Avery Dennison DOL 6040 Sparkle laminate. Overlays were created using MPI 1105 and Matte DOL 1380 laminate. That same combination was used for the door jams, inside door edges as well as interior panels. With Old Glory represented very well on the outside of the truck, the jams were printed using a vector of the United States Constitution. Finally, rims were wrapped with MPI 1105/DOL 6040 Sparkle laminate and a hint of Avery Dennison SC950 Ultra Metallic. We have shifted our entire business to focus on the product we love, vehicle wraps. As the tagline says, “In Wrap We Trust!”

Products used

Avery Dennison MPI 1105, DOL 6040, DOL 1380z, SC950

Project location