Wrap Like Royalty Gallery IM Z4 – Brunsh painted BMW M performance.

IM Z4 – Brunsh painted BMW M performance.

About this project

Our 2019 Wrap like a King project was designed for the public. So we chose BMW and we chose a cool but simple design. The reason why we chose BMW is the most popular car brand in South Korea. So I painted the M performance color of BMW to Z4. We made the BMW Z4 even better by adding M and graphics to our popular favorite BMW. We additionally wrapped the BMW Z4 side-mirror, rear diffuser and rear spoiler using carbon film. There is a BMW driving center in South Korea. We took pictures of our BMW Z4 there, and the results were very nice. We want our popular designs to be loved. Thank you Avery for the contest.

Products used

MPI 1105 series, DOL 1400 series

Project location