Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Hope Green Porsche Boxster 718

Hope Green Porsche Boxster 718

About this project

We really put our effort into this car. The design choice was based on the Lamborghini Sian. We wanted the Porsche Boxster S 718 to have a unique and outstanding look. After looking at the Sian we knew that was the look we were looking for. One of the key parts when we wrap a car is inside of the doors. There is nothing uglier that opening the door of a car to look at the beautiful interior and that the inside of the door is a complete different color than the outside. It completely ruins the look of the car and the wrap. So we take each part off the car and wrap it individually so that everything is perfectly wrapped. We had the car completely wrapped in Avery Dennison SWF Satin Hope Green Metallic. We then tried different wraps on the rims until we found the one that went best along with the new color. Finally we added some lips to make the car look more aggressive.

Products used

SWF Satin Hope Green Metallic

Project location