Gundam GTR

About this project

Gundam GTR features a fully printed chrome wrap with Avery Silver Conform Chrome, DOL 1460Z laminate and SWF Satin Black accents. The design process started with hand drawn characters that were illustrated digitally, and then brought to life with countless hours of wrap design. The design was printed directly on Avery Silver Chrome and laminated with 1460Z which gives it an amazing look and finish. Some fine details of the wrap include matching wheel spoke wrap, satin black accents, ghosted Japanese lettering, smoke tail light wrap, hidden design elements. The project was made possible by an amazing group of people, a very big thanks to: Kyle (Owner), DigitalDan (Design, Production, Install) Ben (Art), Myles (Install), Rob (Photography), Shane (Support), John (Support) Cameron (Support)

Products used

Conform Chrome Silver, DOL 1460Z, SWF Satin Black

Project location