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Ford Rust Future

About this project

A vehicle wrap for an old Ford motorhome in a rust design with patina and gears transforms the vintage vehicle into a steampunk-inspired work of art. This unique wrap gives the motorhome an antique, weathered appearance, as if it has withstood the test of time and adventure.

The rust design meticulously replicates the look of aged metal, complete with varying shades of brown, red, and orange, creating a realistic and textured patina effect. This distressed look is complemented by intricate graphics of gears, cogs, and mechanical components, evoking a sense of industrial heritage and craftsmanship.

Each section of the motorhome is adorned with detailed illustrations of gears and mechanical parts, seamlessly integrated into the rusted backdrop. The combination of patina and gears suggests a story of bygone eras, where machinery and manual labor were at the heart of innovation. The overall effect is a striking juxtaposition of decay and durability, giving the old Ford motorhome a distinctive and captivating character.

This vehicle wrap not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the motorhome but also celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the charm of vintage industrial design. It’s a perfect fusion of nostalgia and creativity, making the motorhome a head-turning presence on the road.

Products used

Avery Dennison MPI™ 1105+DOL 1460

Project location

Continent: Europe
Region: Europe Central
Country/State: Germany