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Ferrari PushPush

About this project

A vehicle wrap for a Ferrari in the PushPush design, executed in a vibrant PopArt style, transforms the iconic supercar into a rolling masterpiece of contemporary art. The PushPush design infuses the sleek lines and aggressive stance of the Ferrari with a burst of color and energy, creating a stunning visual impact.

The wrap features bold, contrasting colors and graphic patterns that are quintessential to the PopArt movement, evoking a sense of fun and irreverence. Elements of comic book art, abstract shapes, and cultural icons are interwoven into the design, making the Ferrari stand out even more on the road. The dynamic and playful nature of the wrap complements the Ferrari’s powerful and luxurious aura, offering a unique blend of high performance and artistic expression.

Each panel of the Ferrari showcases different aspects of the PopArt style, bold outlines to vibrant color blocks and pop culture references. The PushPush design brings a modern twist to the traditional vehicle wrap, making the Ferrari not just a car, but a statement piece that captures attention and sparks conversation wherever it goes.

Products used

Avery Dennison MPI™ 1405 + Avery Dennison™ DOL1460 Gloss

Project location

Continent: Europe
Region: Europe Central
Country/State: Germany