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Cyber 3 Tesla

About this project

Epic Wraps would like to introduce our recent Cyber 3 project! The concept for this design was a play off of Tesla’s cutting edge Cyber Truck. We wanted to encompass the geometric design elements, while creating something unique to the Tesla Model 3. To create the intended illusion, our team needed to camouflage the natural body lines of the car, while still keeping the integrity of its shape. Avery Dennison Matte laminate was an absolute no brainer here, as the finish is unparalleled in reducing the visibility of organic body lines on the vehicle. In the design process, we made new body lines to keep the geometric feel and created a high-contrast illusion with the appearance of a shiny, metallic finish (this is matte wrap). We knew going into this, the wrap would only be a success if everything lined up. In order to keep the design intact during installation, the team physically masked the vehicle and traced the body lines to create an accurate template. This ensured us that each panel would line up for install. The installation team was uncompromising in application to ensure the integrity of the artwork was preserved. Even one body panel reflecting the natural curvature of the car would ruin our optical illusion. With hard work and a great team, the end result is something we’re really proud of! We hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we do! The Epic Wraps Team

Products used

MPI 1105 EZRS, DOL 1380Z Cast Matte Laminate

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