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Creature from the Wrap Lagoon

About this project

In a resurrection of the 1954 film, Creature from the Black Lagoon, a classic monster is given new life. MetroWrapz would like to introduce our Creature from the Wrap Lagoon. This project required the creativity, speed, and skill of the entire MetroWrapz team. The stunning creature design is made up of several animal characteristics from fish fins to iguana scales, reinventing and perfecting the concept of the creature down to every last detail.

This 2017 Acura NSX is wrapped in Avery Dennison SF 100 Conform CHROME Silver Film with DOL 1370 Luster laminate. This combination creates a chilling, realistic shiny silky skin and is enhanced by amphibian hues of yellow and green. The highlights of the water drops, allow the chrome to shine through the mist of the humid Everglades. Ridged scales and fins rise up through the skin with hand-cut embossing to add depth to the outer textures, creating an image so real, you can’t help but touch. Once again, the attention to detail on this project has raised the bar of any vehicle wrap we have ever created.

Our Creature sneaks through the swamps on SWF900 ColorFlow Series Gloss Fresh Spring wheels, to naturally blend with its surroundings. Rippling swamp water was placed along the rocker panels, keeping our creature in its natural habitat. We added accents of red reflective, and a custom-cut acrylic dorsal fin was adhered to the roof.

Rip open the doors, and vivid muscle tissue flexes throughout the door jambs and interior panels. It’s brain was wrapped under the hood of the creature’s scalp, protected by more muscle tissue throughout the inner fenders. Finally, we transplanted a heart design into each crevice of the engine compartment, bringing this modern monster to life. Once our Creature emerges, the hype will never be the same…

Products used

Avery Dennison SF 100 Conform Chrome, Avery Dennison DOL 1370 Luster Laminate, Avery Dennison SW900 ColorFlow Gloss Fresh Spring

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