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Benz of Kanagawa

About this project

Designed by Corsa Auto Design, wrapped by Voodoo Vinyl Wrap. The Mercedes W211 E-Class is not your typical platform to modify; this build is anything but ordinary. A German car with Japanese flair, nearly everything from this car is one-off from the custom metal widebody flares to the extra-wide Rotiforms tucked under a specially built AirLift Performance setup. The wrap design takes inspiration from different elements of Japanese culture. The base features traditional kumo, seigaiha, and floral patterns, with a subtle livery to compliment the car’s body lines. The main element is a unique recreation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a symbolic artwork depicting the effects of modernization on Japanese society. Both the wave and the ivory lines along the top of the car have a texture created from scratch to emulate the feel of aged Japanese scroll paper. Flying above the wave and misty clouds is a crane, the symbol of good fortune and longevity, which relates to the long history the owner has had with this car, which he’s owned since buying it new from the dealer. The artwork also features other unique elements, like the ikebana art across the hood and scroll art across the roof and trunk. What really makes this wrap pop is the rich metallic finish with a combination of gloss and matte laminates. Last but not least, the wrap features an embossed tribute to the owner’s feline friend, Fred. More pictures can be found at @Superwide_TBH on Instagram.

Products used

Avery Dennison SW900 Satin Silver Metallic, DOL 1370z, DOL 1460Z

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