Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Badgeskins MK7.5 Golf R

Badgeskins MK7.5 Golf R

About this project

Racing inspired, we decided to do this livery like no other. Over two months of design work and installation to get this beauty of a final product! Each side of the vehicle has a unique design to it so no two sides are the same. We were strategic and specific when choosing material so that we can show emphasis on certain parts of the design. To do that we took advantage of Avery Dennison’s V4000 reflective material to add accents around the whole vehicle. For installation, everything was cut individually and placed by hand as per our design work. No printed wrap was involved here! The best part about this livery was not only the design/final product but the experience we had creating this and now showing it off for everyone to see. Enjoy our collection of photos and dedicated video we made!

Products used

Avery Dennison SW900 Gloss Black, SW900 Gloss Grey, V4000 Reflective Black, V4000 Reflective White, V4000 Reflective Blue, SW900 Gloss Blue, SW900 Ambulance Yellow

Project location