Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Autostance Audi R8

Autostance Audi R8

About this project

An urban camo wrap with clean lines, pushing the boundaries of wrap film in it’s experimentation, execution and style.Our client Autostance wanted something unique, and something that would “pop” when it was being driven down the road. Being a company that specialises in lowering cars and supplying custom rims, they approached us seeking a wrap that would pull attention whenever it was seen, and compliment their own products they had put on the vehicle. We wanted to give this client something truly unique, so we got to work pushing the boundaries of various materials. We experimented printing directly to both Avery wrap films at various temperatures and settings, and after a long journey of experimentation – for this particular project we settled on printing directly to Avery Supreme SW900-109 White Pearl Wrapping Film with an Avery DOL6460 High Gloss laminate. Printing directly to this film gave the print a shimmer and a “lift” that printing to traditional printed films didn’t achieve – satisfying the clients brief of producing something truly unique and eye-catching! To add to the pressure we decided to wrap this car live at a car show, with thousands of people streaming past and checking out our work, it had to be immaculate

Products used

Avery Supreme SW900-109 White Pearl, Avery DOL6460 High Gloss laminate

Project location