Wrap Like Royalty Gallery Adzon Ranger

Adzon Ranger

About this project

We wanted something different from the start , After designing and testing we came up with this. The Apple Matt Mettalic was printed and laminated with High gloss Laminate, Brush Steel was also printed . The guards, bonnet and interior where all embossed with checker plate design and company logo using Avery 700 Red ( it was lying around ) and then wrapped with Matt Black. We where chasing a nice contrast between matt and gloss and i think we got there with the colour choice. It demands attention on the road and in the bush.

Products used

Avery 700 Black gloss, Supreme Wrapping film Matte Black, Supreme Wrapping Film Matte Mettalic Apple Green, Supreme Wrapping Film Extreme Texture Brushed Steel, Avery 700 Red, DOL 1460Z

Project location