Sneaky Pete

About this project

The Dodge Viper, with its sleek silhouette and powerful presence, became the canvas for a transformative vehicle wrap. Utilizing an array of materials, the wrap was meticulously applied to accentuate the Viper’s muscular contours. The goal was to evoke the classic artistry of airbrushing while infusing a contemporary edge. The result? A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, where each curve and line of the Viper now plays with color, giving the illusion of motion even at a standstill. This Viper doesn’t just turn heads—it captivates the imagination, embodying a fusion of past and future in automotive design.

Embossing Layer: Diamond White Laminated DOL Max
Base Print Layer: Diamond White Printed Laminated DOL Max
Overlay on Base Layer: Conform Chrome Printed Laminated DOL 6040 Sparkle
Door Jams: Conform Chrome Printed Laminated DOL 6040 Sparkle
Tail Lights: SW900 Black, Window Frosting Printed Laminated DOL Max
Windshield Front & Back Decaling: Conform Chrome Printed Laminated DOL 1370 Luster Laminate
Fog Lights: Printed DOL Max then laminated DOL Max

Products used

Diamond White | Conform Chrome | SW 900 | Window Frosting | DOL MAX 1360 | DOL 1370 Luster | DOL 6040 Sparkle

Project location

Continent: North America
Region: Canada
Country/State: British Columbia